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Following the release of the Library Journal article on “Gateway Boardgames”, I believe it is a good time to write about springboard games (free translation of “Gateway Games”). ) in libraries. The springboard games are board games that serve as both initiation to board games being very accessible, that is to say fast to play

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Online Game Animation

During these activities, a dozen young people and I had to go to discover these mysterious online gamesand, for me, coming back safe and sound. It’s in the form of tournaments between young people that I decided to face this beast.

In my opinion, the success of an online gaming activity is mainly through the creation of a web page that will serve as a gateway for young people. This is the place where they can have access to all the online games you have carefully selected, where they will know their score in real time

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To accommodate as many young people as possible, we have grouped two young people by computer stations. Not only does this create a lot of frustration for the control of the mouse, the kids did not like the “everyone’s turn” method at all . Surprising, no? I still have ears buzzing! So I quickly added

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An online gaming activity has as secondary objective to demonstrate the “techno” side of libraries (yes, yes, it exists). To do this, we must make sure that everything works and that young people have easy access to online games, otherwise KAPLAW: lamentable failure. The main technical problems I encountered were: the speed of the Internet

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A good game, but less popular: 2025 Ex Machina Of course, for the sake of the cause, it’s always good to show your audience (or your fellow librarians) that “exploring online games” wants mostly also say “discover educational / serious games”. On the other hand, serious games make sense when they are connected to school

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Young people know very well what is an online game: they already know web game portals and in most cases even have their favorite games. For them, the goal of the activity is to discover new games, compare their skills and have fun. Clearly, young people are not afraid of scraps of English in their

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This article is a response to Jean-François Cusson’s excellent post that discusses the best video games for libraries in 2010. In addition to providing a top for each console, Jean-François names the main selection criteria for video games. for free activities in libraries. In this last list, I would like to add the critical success and innovation

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In the first part of my articles on serious games (published last year), I discussed the educational potential of learning through games and I tried to define the term “serious games “. In 2009, the French government invested 30 million euros in the field of serious games . It’s 47 projects that were born directly

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This week we are offering two posts on partnership research with the video game industry for libraries and public space. 1. Know the context of the industry Montreal is a hub of the international industry and new studios continue to open each year . We owe a part of this vitality to former prime minister

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