In my opinion, the success of an online gaming activity is mainly through the creation of a web page that will serve as a gateway for young people. This is the place where they can have access to all the online games you have carefully selected, where they will know their score in real time and where they can find information on the types of games (difficulty, duration, quality, etc.).

I propose two examples of page that I edited for my animations: Laure-Conan and Philippe-Panneton .

The main advantage of the web page is that young people can come back in the future (since they have obviously appreciated your animation … you are a professional after all). In this respect, the figures are quite surprising on Ludicité: more than 30% of the traffic on the pages took place after the activity . Young people continue to consult the recommendation page well after the activity.

If I had to redo it … I would make this page even more interactive with young people who would write their own team name and score. At the moment, I enter this information myself as the activity progresses via my computer, which really takes me too much time.