An online gaming activity has as secondary objective to demonstrate the “techno” side of libraries (yes, yes, it exists). To do this, we must make sure that everything works and that young people have easy access to online games, otherwise KAPLAW: lamentable failure. The main technical problems I encountered were:

the speed of the Internet which did not support the downloading of online games in Flash format ;
obsolete browsers that prevent games from working properly (if you still use Internet Explorer 6, it’s time to update it);
anti-phishing filters that randomly block certain games;
the impossibility of being able to control the volume of the computer;
access to positions that closed the game in the middle of the session.
If I had to redo it … Not only would it be necessary to carry out a test session before the activity, it would be interesting to put Flash games on an independent website using iFrame . In this way, young people would not have to walk around different sites, but could stay on one model of websites and be safe from the abundant advertising of online gaming sites.