An argument for video games in libraries

During the press conference held today at the Saint-Michel Library, we learned that 27 libraries in the City of Montreal will now offer more than 5000 video games to their users . The massive investment in this new type of document is not opportunistic, it is a thoughtful decision to better respond to the mission

The gamification of the universe or nothing less!

This article is a cover of the article with the same name that was published this month in the journal Argus , co-written with Miss Claude Ayerdi . Will gamification (or gamification) be the buzzword of the next decade, succeeding that of “social networks” that dominated the 2000s? And we are not just talking about

Board Games and Public Libraries

This week, I propose a real headache:¬†what is the place of board games in public libraries? Since the inauguration of the first Canadian libraries in the early eighteenth century, board games have been present in clubs attached to libraries or offering some copies of games.¬†These “collections” relied mainly on abstract games: puzzle, failure, bridge, Scrabble,

Let’s play to save the planet!

Several public institutions question the use of video games because of their bad press, but also, more concretely, many parents who question the time spent by young people in this little-known culture. The games represented as a ” waste of time ” are comparable in some respects to the negative image of other passive cultural

Ten reasons for and against video games in libraries!

More and more libraries are questioning whether they should integrate video game programs. To help answer this question, we took the opportunity to identify five reasons for and five reasons against this investment. 1) Video games are popular That video games are extremely popular, and even more so than cinema , is a well-known fact.

The place of play in a university library

As an amateur of games of all kinds and as a university librarian, I wonder about the place of play in this institution. Professional distortion requires, I admit from the outset that this post is slightly too long … but oh how interesting! My question therefore boils down to one and only one question: Is

Serious games, part I

Concept and history Finally, my first article on serious games … you know, this article that you postpone by saying that it’s too big, too dense to do it justice … well this is it. be indulgent When I heard about serious games for the first time, I first thought of a pseudo-marketing invention that

Librarian humor

During the last issue of Argus , many of the collaborators participated in the creation of a timeline … that some would dare to call humorous. On the other hand, for the common good, for the financial independence and reputation of this professional magazine, only a part of it has been published. Others (sneaky) would