Critics and video games in libraries

This article is a response to Jean-François Cusson’s excellent post that discusses the best video games for libraries in 2010. In addition to providing a top for each console, Jean-François names the main selection criteria for video games. for free activities in libraries. In this last list, I would like to add the critical success and innovation

Serious games, part II: Québec’s jurisdiction

In the first part of my articles on serious games (published last year), I discussed the educational potential of learning through games and I tried to define the term “serious games “. In 2009, the French government invested 30 million euros in the field of serious games . It’s 47 projects that were born directly

Industry Partnership Research Part I

This week we are offering two posts on partnership research with the video game industry for libraries and public space. 1. Know the context of the industry Montreal is a hub of the international industry and new studios continue to open each year . We owe a part of this vitality to former prime minister

Glossary for games in libraries: 21 definitions

I have often been in the last few weeks discussing video games in libraries and being limited by the complex jargon of the field. So I decided to save (again) the situation by developing a short lexicon to better understand the basics of video games. The ba-ba video games Games on consoles Video games using

The role of libraries in the video game chain

The role of libraries in the video game chain What should be the role of libraries in the video game chain? A simple question, certainly. A response a tad long, I agree. ” We must think about the place of the libraries among the video clubs, the houses of the culture and the houses of

5 tips for successful online game animation

In recent weeks, I had a challenge that Gargantua himself would call a colossal task: pass on my passion to young people by hosting online gaming sessions in the Laval Public Libraries . Nothing less! During these activities, a dozen young people and I had to go to discover these mysterious online gamesand, for me,

Games and adolescence: how to build a living environment

If you are interested in the future of libraries, you certainly know the concept of third place library so well explained in a series of notes by my colleague Marie D. Martel . This is a most interesting model that revitalizes and redefines the function of the library in the public space. Many of the

Life-size games

he public space is dreaming. By its untapped size, its accessibility and its urban vibrancy, we find an extraordinary potential for appropriation that can be transformed into a great playground. It is this desire and opportunity to appropriate the public space that provides much of its vitality. And more particularly, it is often by gamification

Gamification in the service of libraries

The new “buzzword” of the second decade of the 21st century, gamification, revitalizes the web marketing of several major companies ( Couche-Tard , Starbucks , Coke , etc. ). Can this new playful approach, mainly used for expensive purposes, have its place in public institutions such as libraries? Gamification … what does it mean? For

National Gaming Day: for library play

On November 12, National Gaming Day will be held , a day dedicated to library games. Initiated by the American Library Association (ALA), this day is an opportunity to bring users together around the social, educational and entertaining aspects of games. During this day, the participating libraries offer activities including video games, board games, speakers,