National Gaming Day: for library play

On November 12, National Gaming Day will be held , a day dedicated to library games. Initiated by the American Library Association (ALA), this day is an opportunity to bring users together around the social, educational and entertaining aspects of games. During this day, the participating libraries offer activities including video games, board games, speakers, tournaments and fun activities of all kinds.

Who would not want to play Frogger in the library?

This year, 2,000 board games will be donated free of charge to participating American libraries by All Things Equals Inc. board games company . In addition, two inter-library video game tournaments are in the spotlight: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo Wii) , and the retro video game: Frogger .

Some figures of the 2010 edition
In the United States, 1882 libraries participated in the 2010 edition of the NGD. Adding the 787 libraries that provided statistics of visits, there would have been 26,504 participants last year!

In addition, last year’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament was held simultaneously in 47 libraries during this day. Although the vast majority of participating libraries are currently American, some international libraries have also participated, including about 10 in Canada.

Although NDG is overwhelmingly American, a dozen countries participate

And in Montreal?
Last year, four libraries in the Greater Metropolitan Area participated in National Gaming Day: Brossard, Saint-Pierre, Montreal-Nord and St-LĂ©onard .

As an international video games hub, I think it would be most interesting for libraries in the province of Quebec to take ownership of this unique concept of a library play day.

Obviously, it would also be relevant to find a translation for the name of this day, which would also remove its “national” aspect. The “game day in the library” … maybe, maybe something more original?

For this year, if your library is interested in participating in this day, you can register for free on the official National Gaming Day blog .