Readers and players

Relationships between literature and video games
To understand the potential role of video games in cultural institutions, we must also see its complementarity with other media that are already well established. Among these, cinema , literature and comics feed to meet different clienteles and needs. In the cultural industry, this diversity of media is already well exploited so that the intellectual properties reach the most potential consumers.

We only have to think about books that are suitable for films and movies that are adapted for video games.

” We want players to become readers and readers, players. ”

Of these interrelationships, the least known (and least popular) is certainly the one between literature and video games. Since literature is highly valued in the field of cultural institutions, such as libraries, we must ask ourselves what role video games might play. I summarize my leitmotiv on the subject: “we want players to become readers and readers, players”.

But, how to interest one to another … or how to interest individuals despite their initial apprehension? A major challenge for librarians who play a more and more complex role of recommendation and who must now add an additional axis to their work: the multiplicity of supports .

” Another avenue that could be studied is to combine video games from literary works and books that come from the culture of video games. ”

In fact, many librarians will use, with accuracy, more accessible books to introduce users to a new medium. Occasional games for apprentice players and graphic novels or comics, for example, for apprentice readers.

But, another track that could be studied, is to associate video games from literary works and books that are derived from the culture of video games … I offer you some ideas for reflection on the interrelationships between these two solitudes:

Games for readers

For neophyte readers in video games, the latter often represent a generational challenge: complexity of the interface and technology, too rigid structure and lack of depth. So I think readers should be interested in presenting adventure games closer to the experience of a book.

If we go back in history, the beginning of video games was very textual. Unreliable from realistic graphics, the advanced and click-based PC adventure games (like the King Quest ) required a lot of reading from players who had to read to better imagine the landscape. Nowadays, it is mostly narrative-based games that might be of interest to readers, including Heavy Rain and the future LA Noire .

o interest novices who have a little knowledge in video games, readers may be interested in video games from more classic fantasy works such as those adapted from the mythology of the Lord of the Rings or legends of King Arthur. But, what could be even more interesting for the readers, it is the playful universes which are adapted of modern works like The Witcher , STALKER , Clancy’s Tom Clancy Cell and Dante’s Inferno , all represented in the table below in their novel version and in their video game version.

A Top Topics chart identifies a little over a hundred video games from the literature and ranks them in terms of interest from Wikipedia visitors.

To interest readers, do not stop at games on consoles: fans of retro games have re-imagined a game in Nintendo version from the book Gatsby, the magnificent (The Great Gatsby). A most fun initiative for fans of retro games or those of the book.

The Great Gabsy: the game for NES?

As for Quebec novels, the cost of producing video games still prevents our books from being adapted. On the other hand, we find games like Amos Daragon in version board games .

Books for players

For players who do not read frequently, books lack graphics, are too linear and too passive. Comics or graphic novels seem to be the most accessible medium for discovering literature.

The video game companies have understood this and more and more comics are adapted from video games. The GamesRader site makes a topo on the top 10 comics inspired by the world of video games .

But, video games are also adapted in novels. Wikipedia lists 24 adapted novels of video games . Historically, the novels of Dungeons & Dragons were the first novels from games to have been adapted. Subsequently, more complex worlds (often science fiction) such as Halo , Resident Evil and Starcraft have also been adapted into the novel.

I would like to hear your point of view on these adaptations that have not read them.

Other books also feature players and geeks and could interest players: the Geeks , for example, or the comics of Julien Neel: Lou! .5 Laser Ninja .

An interrelation that becomes more complex …
Digital book platforms also allow greater interplay with games. Amazon’s Kindle platform now offers a line of online games . Just like the iPad that is more used to play, although it is also considered a digital player. On the other hand, Nintendo offers to buy books to read on its Nintendo DS platform .

” Digital book platforms also allow for greater interrelation with games. ”

The interrelationships are complex and promise to continue to mix in the future. There is nothing surprising about it, the container is not the content! The taste of playing and the taste of reading are not opposed, they are complementary!

In the medium term, libraries will have to define how to meet the different needs of their customers by offering more content on more media.

What would be even more interesting is to go further and offer a type recommendation system: if you liked a particular game or book, you will like a particular game or book …

For example, we recommend Isaac Asimov’s trilogy Foundation to StarCraft fans .