Teenage Spaces and Gamification – The Real Modern Tetris!

The development of a space for adolescents is a growing concern for new libraries. To create a ‘ Wow Factor ! Many of these new constructions will include a section dedicated to library games. The latter are outstanding motivators that are available on different platforms: video games, board games, online games, fun activities, etc. This is why it is essential to

Gamification of libraries

On April 3, I gave a talk on the development of critical thinking through online games as part of the colloquium – Around the Adult of Tomorrow: Developing the Child Philosopher and Criticism by Children’s Literature in the Society of Tomorrow know . It is with great pleasure that I present to you the modified

The end of Ludicité

After a few months of reflection, I announce the end “surprise” blog Ludicité. But, do not cry too fast! The web adventure continues on the new website of L’Arène des Libraries de Montréal . This new platform will make it possible to write more often about play culture, gamification and games in libraries. Moreover, with

Readers and players

Relationships between literature and video games To understand the potential role of video games in cultural institutions, we must also see its complementarity with other media that are already well established. Among these, cinema , literature and comics feed to meet different clienteles and needs. In the cultural industry, this diversity of media is already